Be smart and don't be fooled.

Protect yourself against Internet fraud!

The vast majority of ads are posted by honest people and trust. So you can do excellent business. Despite this, it is important to follow a few common sense rules following to prevent any attempt to scam.

Our advices

  • Doing business with people you can meet in person.
  • Never send money by Western Union, MoneyGram or other anonymous payment systems.
  • Never send money or products abroad.
  • Do not accept checks.
  • Ask about the person you're dealing with another confirming source name, address and telephone number.
  • Keep copies of all correspondence (emails, ads, letters, etc.) and details of the person.
  • If a deal seems too good to be true, there is every chance that this is the case. Refrain.

Recognize attempted scam

  • The majority of scams have one or more of these characteristics:
  • The person is abroad or traveling abroad.
  • The person refuses to meet you in person.
  • Payment is made through Western Union, Money Gram or check.
  • The messages are in broken language (English or French or ...).
  • The texts seem to be copied and pasted.
  • The deal seems to be too good to be true.

Recommendations is a convenient platform for the announcement of the sale of goods and the provision of services, through which you can quickly find the right product or service, as well as simplify communication between the buyer and the seller.

It is important for us that your experience is positive and that transactions made through the FoxyAD website are safe. To prevent negative experiences, we take the necessary measures.

Any transaction of sale or provision of services is negotiated directly by the seller and the buyer. If you are a buyer and want to purchase a quality product or service, FoxyAD recommends following the steps below to avoid risky situations and conclude safe transactions.

1. Recommendations for the conclusion of transactions

1.1. Read the announcement carefully

Read the announcement carefully, pay special attention to conditions, requirements, terms, price. Do not trust the announcement, the author of which asks to transfer a certain amount of money, or information about your bank account or your personal data.

1.2. Learn more about the service or product offered.

Ask the author of the announcement and check, if necessary, supporting documents that are the basis for conducting business, providing services or confirming the quality of the product. Check the reliability of the service or product by browsing the Internet or visiting the official websites of the manufacturer or service provider.

1.3. See and check the product you are buying

Before you pay for the goods, we recommend that you meet with the seller to make sure that the goods meet the expectations and characteristics described in the announcement. Do not transfer money as an advance or in case of a promise to send the goods by parcel / taxi / public transport / through friends after the money transfer is made.

1.4. Use site chat

Communicate with the seller of the goods, the service provider or the buyer through the chat site FoxyAD. In this case, information from your correspondence will be saved.

1.5. Do not pay in advance

Do not pay in advance for goods that you have not yet seen or checked at an authorized service center or from a specialist, or a service that you have not yet been provided.

2. In the event that you believe that the transaction was fraud

2.1. Resolve Conflict Peacefully

If you believe or have found that the purchased product or service does not correspond to the promised seller or you were deceived, we recommend that you contact the seller to resolve the conflict peacefully, because the seller may not have had bad intentions or might not have been aware of hidden defects in the goods.

2.2. Contact the Police Inspectorate or the Consumer Protection and Market Supervision Agency

In case you have not been able to solve the problem peacefully, we recommend that you contact the Police Inspectorate at your place of residence or the Consumer Rights Protection and Market Supervision Agency. Based on the complaint and the evidence presented, the responsible persons from the Police Inspectorate and / or the Consumer Rights Protection Agency may initiate a formal investigation. At the same time, we ask you to inform us about this so that, based on the available data, we can perform an internal audit and, if necessary, save data and / or restrict user access to FoxyAD, in order to protect other users from fraud.

3. We recommend that you be careful about the following announcements.

3.1. For employment in the country or abroad for a long or short term (2-3 days) through intermediaries or directly

Request supporting documents that provide intermediaries with the right to carry out the type of activity indicated in the announcement (for example: license, extract from the State Register of Legal Entities for Companies), relevant information about the foreign company (extract from the registers, web page, authorization, licenses, etc. d.). We recommend concluding an employment contract in the country. Report on the official website of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection; Agency of State Services, as well as similar institutions of another state in which the job is offered. Inquire on the websites of the relevant institutions regarding the documents required for official registration at the place of stay and employment, as well as about the cost of services provided by these institutions.

Do not send an identity card or passport, as well as any other identification documents / acts of civil status, bank data, personal data via e-mail, instant messengers, chat site FoxyAD, as these actions can contribute to “identity theft”. Identity documents, as well as other documents (diplomas, work book, etc.) are provided only at the place of work, at the conclusion of the employment contract. Fraudsters are usually represented by the owners or representatives of the company, or by recruitment specialists who guarantee employment in an international company, subject to an advance payment for consultation, assistance in preparing a package of documents, fees for certain services or other assistance.

Fraudsters offer work for 1-3 days with a very attractive salary and without high requirements for the candidate, they promise to pay the cost of the trip and incur other expenses, in return they ask to cross the border and provide customs documents to register the vehicle in your name.

Visit the websites of organizations providing information on safe migration, call the Hotline for advice on immigration issues.

3.2. Car purchase

Scammers offer cars for sale at a low price. Talking with the buyer, the seller says that the vehicle is not located in the country, the seller offers to bring it to the country and asks him to transfer a certain amount of money to transport the vehicle (for example: for fuel costs). If the money was transferred, the fraudster takes it and disappears.

3.3. Medicines and nutritional supplements

Before buying medicine or a food supplement, check the date of manufacture and the shelf life of the product, read the instructions for use, and if necessary, request a sanitary certificate. Ask the seller about the origin of the goods and the certificate of conformity of the goods.

3.4. Child care products

Before buying hygiene products, check the date of manufacture and expiration date, smell the product, read the information on the package. Ask the seller about the origin of the goods and certificates of conformity.